Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fresh Juice vs. The Store Bought Stuff

Every now and then I talk to people about the juices that I make and consume. Most people have heard about making fresh fruit and vegetable juices themselves, but there are many others who haven't. If I mention that I just consumed a fresh vegetable juice a pretty common response is, "you mean like a V8 juice?"

Even the ones who are familiar with juicers and the practice of juicing oftentimes have misconstrued ideas about these juices. Many wonder why someone would go through all the trouble of preparing a juice themselves, when they could grab a bottled juice out of any cooler in a gas station or supermarket and consume it without having to clean up or prepare a thing. 

Some people might see a movie like "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead," and then decide that juicing, or a juice fast is something they'd like to do. Many of them don't realize that juicing requires a little effort, and once they find out that cleaning a juicer can be a pain in the ass, they often wonder what other, easier options they have. A common question that often arises is, "what store bought juices can I consume instead of making my own juice with a juicer to achieve the same outcome?" Anytime someone asks a question like that they are surely going to be disappointed with the response, because there is no substitution for juice that is extracted out of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

I'm definitely not an expert on the subject, so I decided to share a blog entry that I read awhile back on the topic that can explain some of the (major) differences between fresh juice made with a juicer and the stuff bottled up on store shelves. Just click on the link below to read the brief article on the subject. 


  1. “Nearly every canned or bottled commercial juice, on the other hand, are actually worse than soda, because a glass of juice is loaded with fructose, and a lot of the antioxidants are lost,” ohmy! This is shocked me! I don't have a juicer here so everytime i feel like to drink something healthy i prefer a bottled one!
    Seems like I need to change this habit!

  2. One of the main reasons I'm not juicing right now is because I don't want to clean the juicer!! I'm just so busy I end up buying juice instead. But now my health is getting bad again and I'm sluggish and tired and making trips to the doctor...so guess it makes more sense (and saves more time and money in the long run) to make fresh juice and clean the juicer!

  3. P.S. Any suggestions for cleaning the juicer? Seems I never get it clean enough.

  4. I've been juicing daily since February and we started with a Black and Decker $40 juicer, we've since upgraded to a $150 Breville juice fountain and the difference is amazing. 1. you get way more juice and much less pulp (pulp is still good) 2. clean up is quick and easy. My routine is to clean the juicer as soon as I'm done making the juice. Everything is still moist and it makes cleaning quick and easy. I'm a very busy working family man and tell myself daily "I don't have time..." for various things. However, in the long run 20-30 minutes spent juicing including cleaning the juicer is time very well spent. I used to spend 15 minutes alone cleaning our cheap juicer and with the higher priced juicer that has been cut down to 5 minutes. Ours even came with a really nice scrub brush that really gets the tiny specs out of the basket and off all of the other parts.
    My advice is to set a routine and stick to it, especially if you're facing health problems. I can't remember a time visiting a doctor that took less than an hour, if spending 20-30 minutes a morning or night can prevent those doctor visits and BILLS you can do it!

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